The Jerusalem Mint

Commemorative Coins Minted in Honor of the People, Land and State of Israel

Our coins are produced with the finest precious metals, and uncompromising precision, elegance and beauty.

The Jerusalem Peace Coin depicts the unique splendor and spirit of the ancient city with the rebuilt Holy Temple standing on high.


Miracles of Israel coins honor the defenders of Israel for the triumph of light over darkness, from the ancient Maccabees to the modern day IDF.

The Milestones of Israel Collector's Series celebrates the great historical milestones achieved since Israel declared its independence in 1948.

Coin stands are carved from authentic Jerusalem stone, designed to resemble ancient stones from the Western Wall of the Temple Mount.

Own a unique piece of Israel's history with our exclusive collection of commemorative coins, produced from the finest precious metals.

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Portion of proceeds benefit Israeli charities